YouTube is the world's largest and popular video website. On which millions of videos are uploaded on the daily basis.Due to which we get to watch very informative and useful videos on YouTube. Which are seen all over the world. Many times at the beginning of the video, in the middle or at the end we get to see the advertisement. YouTube earns a lot through these advertisement. Part of which is also given to creators who make and upload videos. In this post, we will learn  How to view YouTube Thumbnail Image.

We get a lot of vidoe related to the same topic on YouTube. But we mostly choose those videos whose thumbnail is attractive and beautiful in appearance. Sometimes thumbnail is so attractive that our mind is that we want to download thumbnail. But YouTube does not allow us to download thumbnail of any video.

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But there are many websites online that do this work in seconds. One such website is called This website works exactly like magic which when you insert the url of any YouTube video, it immediately shows the thumbnail of that video. The biggest thing is that we can also download them.

Just like this, we can  download and view a thumbnail image of any YouTube video.

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